Psychedelic Dream Chillout

The Psychedelic Dream Temple infuses with Origin's Forrest Chill Space

The Forest Chill is a chilled out space with lazy beats, yoga, massage, talks and other laid back things… Now, lets imagine that world incorporated with the wondrous and magical world of The Psychedelic Dream Temple, creating a domain that tantalises the mind and calms it simultaneously. It can be your little haven throughout your festival experience, your moment of expression and release of tension through yoga or be engaged throughout the talks from some of our finest minds. The incorporation of these two spaces is bound to be complete power, and we are so excited to make it happen!

Psychedelic Dream Temple

After an incredible tour of eight festivals across Europe and Japan, the Psychedelic Dream Temple returns to South Africa with lots of fresh art, new artists and stacks of inspiration. Needless to say, we are super excited to show Origin Festival what we discovered and how we grew over our travels last year.

You can expect a great show planned with lots of new pieces on display, including showcasing work from the following artists:

Anderson Debernardi
Christo Botes
Christopher Dowding
Hakan Hisim
Jeff D. Zign
Jonathan West
Juanita Kruger
Liquid Faeries

Natural Warp
Neil Gibson
Rossi Toltech
Shannon Els
Thomas Duchene
Torus Energy
Vanja Visner

To further compliment the beautiful new visionary artwork within the gallery, we also have a full line up of live artists to tantalise your minds:

George Hunt

Juanita Kruger
Shannon Eles
Jonathan West

Hand painting:
Alex Gomes (Ahimsa Ali Illustrations)
Jonathan west
Video Mapping:
Live projection mapping Visionary Graffiti mashup/collaboration
Frankolious from Visualanties will be mapping the art in the gallery as well as the art that Goerge and Zara create live for you