Ward 10


Ward 10 is a collaborative instrumental band from Cape Town, South Africa. Our genre ranges from an organic fusion of deep melodic techno, immersive psychill / Downtempo and Progressive tribal psytrance. Our sets are usually comprised of live mixing and improvisation as we work from a basic layout and build the journey as we move along through the set. Each live set evolves into its own journey based on the live performers that are available for the set.

The band augments the use of Live sampling on the laptop with live flutes, violins, electric guitar, didgiridoo, Sax, Synths and djembe. Some of our influences include, Highlight tribe, Loud live, Infected mushroom, Sirion, Shpongle, Kurbeats, Bedouin, Gab Rhome, Madboojah project, Maiia, Mercen Dede, Prem Joshua and band, among other live performing artists.

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