SiLo, has built a solid reputation for his masterfully weaved transition sets between the psy progressive and driving fullon psychedelic sub genres, and has been a constant feature at many numerous Nano Records events and many others around Southern Africa over the years.

Since initiating his own productions, SiLo has truly become a staple name on festival & indoor events across the country. Known & beloved for his deep & moving journey sets, bringing in elements of groove, warm frequencies, big atmospheric sound-scapes and a touch of cheeky vibrations, the dance floor can expect fun and foot-tappingly, psychedelic auditory experience!

Nano Records presented his first solo EP release “Extraction” which showcased some of the more rolling full-on grooves and more psychedelic approach on psytrance. He also released a track on the Nano Records VA called “A Taste Of South African Psychedelics” with his friend Beartone, and recently contributed a track toward Regan’s compilation “Keep it Psychedelic”

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