Shift Mawelele


Shift Mawelele is a Cape Town based DJ, deep music curator and member of the DeeTo Sessions movement. He has been a mainstay of the Cape Town underground music scene for close to a decade. Having initially honed his craft on turntables at a young age, Shift is well known from Cape Town to Khayelitsha for his effortless mixing and rhythmically consistent sets.

He brings a unique energy to the dancefloor, captivating his audience through steady sonic narratives, characterised by smooth and seamlessly engaging deep techno and house rhythms held together by shattering drum beats and restrained melodies.

Having shared the stage with renowned artists such as Ben Rau, Vinny Da Vinci, Dirty Doering, Monotronik, Glen Lewis, Floyd Lavine and Kat la Kat, Shift has proven himself capable of holding his own among the very best.

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