Elandskloof Farm, Helderstroom. 

We return to the beautiful Elandskloof tucked away between Villiersdorp and Greyton, only 125 Km from Cape Town. This lush green valley with its fresh mountain streams, welcoming forest filled with Oaks, YellowWoods and Redwoods;  and towering mountain backdrops beckons us once more for an adventure in connecting, laughing, relaxing and enjoying nature in all its glory.


GPS Co-ords: 34° 2'55.86"S   19°24'18.21"E




Take the N2 past Somerset West over Sir Lowreys Pass.

Continue past Botrivier.

Turn left onto the R43 / Villiersdorp turnoff.

After 14km turn Right towards Helderstroom / Greyton.

Follow the road past Helderstroom prison (on your left).

The road becomes a gravel/dirt road.

Travel on the dirt road until you get to a Y junction.  

At the Y Junction take the Left fork and immediately follow the road straight ahead.

Look for arrows and signs.

More Info

Know The NO's



Lets keep it tidy people.  The ground is not an ashtray, and any piece of something that lands on the ground comes from somebody's hand, so pretty PLEASE let it not be YOU.



  • Glass bottles (this will be enforced)
  • Fires
  • Domestic animals
  • Independent sound systems
  • Illegal substances 
  • Cameras on the dancefloor being used for promotional use without the consent of the organizers.

1. Absolutely No Fires!

We hate being serious, but seriously guys, any moron who thinks making a fire at a big event during peak fire-season deserves to be cooked upon an open fire themselves.

2. No Dogs (or other pets) allowed

as much as we love em, it just is not fair on them or other party goers.

3. No Littering, No Glass!

There will be plenty of bins on site – please use them. Glass will not be allowed at the event, so please remember to bring your drinks in plastic containers.  Promotional flyers will also not be allowed except at the entrance upon arrival and exit. (Please contact us if you are Promoter and wish to advertise at the event)

4. No Butts!!

This is very important – please don’t throw them on the ground – if you have a pocket ashtrays from a past Origin or Earthdance please bring it along and use it!  We hope to be making more available too, please ask for yours at the gate if you are a smoker.

5. No 'business' or loo paper in the bush!

This is also really important. We are making a special effort to provide sufficient toilets and to keep them clean for you.

6. Don’t pollute the water with grease or soap!

Rinse off in the river, and when you feel you need a real wash, there will be showers available.

Upon Arrival

When you arrive, please drive slowly along the access road without stopping until you reach the ticket station, stay on the road, please park where you are asked to park and camp only within the designated festival area and don’t remove or damage any plants, animals or natural objects.


..and here is that legal bit where we kindly ask you to look after yourself :


The organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles, and belongings. This applies even to negligence by the organisers of any kind. Entry is entirely at your own risk. Right of admission is reserved.